About me

I am a Software Engineer currently working at ThoughtWorks. Throughout my career, I have worked with various platforms, languages, tools, and frameworks. I like to be a polyglot developer who doesn't stick to one particular technology and be adaptive to change.

My experiences:

  • Building backends using Ruby (Sinatra and Rails), GoLang (Gin), Node.js (Express) and Kotlin (Spring Boot)
  • Infrastructure provisioning and automation using Terraform and Ansible
  • Automating application deployment to VMs and Kubernetes
  • Setting up Monitoring and Alerting for Kubernetes cluster and applications running on it using Prometheus, AlertManager, and Grafana
  • Building a platform for automating infrastructure and deployment of 100+ microservices and their database, cache dependencies on Kubernetes
  • Building ETL data pipelines using Apache Airflow and Apache Spark.

Open Source:

I often contribute to famous Open Source Softwares and also devlop and publish my own ideas in GitHub. I got featured in ThoughtWorks's Open Source page for my contributions and being an inspiration for some of my colleagues.

If you have a project that I can contribute, please get in touch.